Sound Oasis V3
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The Sound Oasis V3 bedside/desktop sound generator features 12 natural sounds, to help sooth and relieve the symptoms of tinnitus at night.
The sound generator can be powered either from the UK mains adaptor (supplied) or 4x AA batteries (available separately), and features a built-in alarm clock, LCD display with snooze button.
Product Features:

Plays 12 amazingly soothing sounds with next generation, higher fidelity sound reproduction.

Clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors for superior results.

Backlit alarm clock (variable brightness) – wake to sound or buzzer. Patented Sleep Enhancement technology lulls users to sleep. 4 position timer: continuous, 30, 60 and 90 minutes plus continuous with gentle off.

Features a headphone/Sleep Pillow jack.

Powered by 4x AA batteries (available separately) or AC adaptor (UK adaptor included).

Includes: 1 Sleep/Relaxation/Wellness sound card and a UK adaptor.

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Additional Sound Cards & Accessories:

Sound Oasis V3 Sound Cards are the world's first memory cards that allow Sound Oasis V3 owners to expand their collection of available sounds. By simply inserting the patent pending sound card into a conveniently located slot on top of the Sound Oasis, users can supplement their unit's built-in sound offerings with 12 additional digitally recorded sounds.

Ear Therapy - 12 Tracks: Ocean surf, rain, stream, white noise 4k, white noise 6k, full spectrum, thera1 1k-10k, thera2 1k-10k, thera3 1k-10k, thera 2k-8k, thera 2.5k-5k & thera.9k-3.2k.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Sleep Sounds For Baby - 12 Tracks: White noise, ocean surf, gentle rain, summer night, dolphins, prenatal, heartbeat, womb, lullaby, car ride, lullaby2 & woodlands.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Nature Journey - 12 Tracks: Thunderstorm, crashing waves, forest rain, waterfall, gentle surf, ocean rain, wind, secluded lake, caribbean surf, jungle stream, summer night & amazon lagoon.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Spa Retreat - 12 Tracks: Hawaiian surf, gentle rain, waterfall, island stream, asian garden, summer night, unwind, reflection, serenity, easy days, late night & stillness.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Panasonic Alkaline AA
Required size batteries to fit in the Sound Oasis.
Sold in a pack of 4 batteries.
£4.99 inc. VAT

Sound Oasis V3 UK Power Adaptor
UK mains power adaptor for the Sound Oasis V3.
£9.99 inc. VAT

Sound Oasis V3 EU Power Adaptor
EU mains power adaptor for the Sound Oasis V3.
£11.99 inc. VAT

Sound Oasis V2 UK Power Adaptor
UK mains power adaptor for the Sound Oasis V2.
£9.99 inc. VAT